How MAOMAO works

At MAOMAO you can order fresh, dry or frozen food online and have it delivered to your home. The order usually arrives within one to three working days of placing the order.


No matter where you live - we deliver throughout Germany.

Orders with frozen and refrigerated goods ❄️(UPS recommended, DHL no guarantee) :

Because we want to preserve the freshness of all orders, all refrigerated orders are shipped Monday - Thursday only.

UPS prices :

- €11.99 for all orders under €40
- €8.99 for all orders over €40
- €5.99 for all orders over €60
- Free for all orders over €100

DHL prices :

- €5.99 for all orders under €40
- €2.99 for all orders under €60
- Free for all orders over €60

Depending on where you live or your own experience, you could. However, we recommend that you choose UPS when shipping frozen goods, as delivery takes place within 1-2 working days after the goods have been dispatched, so your goods are as fresh and as possible remains as cool as possible.

If you order in the summer, you can only order fresh and frozen goods with UPS, otherwise the high temperatures will cause your items to melt too quickly.

You can also choose DHL, but we do NOT give a freshness guarantee and will not refund your package if your items are no longer as cool. For items WITHOUT frozen goods, DHL is also a good choice; delivery usually takes place within 1-4 working days of ordering.

In summer, the DHL option is not available for orders with frozen products, as the high temperatures do not allow frozen goods to arrive cool enough via DHL.

We deliver dry goods (goods that do not need to be refrigerated during transport) to Austria, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and the Netherlands via UPS.

UPS shipping prices outside of Germany :

- €10.99 for all orders under €40
- €7.99 for all orders over €40
- €4.99 for all orders over €60
- Free for all orders over €100

If you have ordered frozen products, we charge a packaging fee of €5.90. This €5.90 will be charged to you when you pay using your payment method.

Parcel shipping:

There is no minimum order value for parcel shipping. However, for an order value of less than EUR 40, a DHL delivery fee of EUR 5.99 will be charged. For an order value of over 40 EUR, the DHL delivery fee is 2.99 EUR. All orders over 60 EUR are shipped free of charge via DHL.

*These prices do not take into account the UPS variant or shipping fees for refrigerated goods

Two principles apply to packaging at MAOMAO:

1) Safe for transportation and environmentally friendly.

2) Heavy and frozen items are packed at the bottom and light and fragile items at the top.

Frozen products are transported in environmentally friendly cooler bags to maintain the cold chain.

Es tut uns aufrichtig leid, falls ein Paket in beschädigtem Zustand bei dir angekommen ist.

Sind die bestellten Artikel unbeschädigt?

Falls nur das Paket beschädigt wurde und deine Leckereien unversehrt sind, können wir keine Erstattung veranlassen, denn dass wichtigste ist ja dass deine Leckereien noch gut schmecken!

Wir hoffen auf dein Verständnis, dass wir beschädigtes Versandmaterial nicht ersetzen können.

Ist ein Artikel während des Versands beschädigt oder fehlt er?

In diesem Fall ist eine Schadensmeldung bei unserem Versanddienstleister erforderlich. Bitte sende uns Fotos der beschädigten Verpackung und den Artikelen an und teile uns deine Bestellnummer mit. Wir werden dir dann die weiteren Schritte erklären.

Unfortunately, we will not reimburse costs for dented cans, as it can happen during transport that the packaging is slightly dented but the goods are still edible.

We recommend that you order the product to the place where you are sure you will be staying. For example, if you are ordering it to your office, please make sure there is someone there who can receive your package.

If you are not at home, your neighbor has received the package or you need to pick up the package from a parcel shop, please pick it up as quickly as possible, especially if you have ordered frozen food!

Once you have unpacked everything, please put your frozen products in the freezer immediately or use them immediately.

If you have also ordered our delicious refrigerated products, you should either use the goods immediately or put them in the fridge/freezer straight away! Otherwise the food could spoil!

Wenn Du auch unsere leckeren Kühlprodukte bestellt hast, solltest Du die Ware entweder sofort verbrauchen oder sofort in den Kühlschrank/ Gefrierschrank legen! Sonst könnten die Lebensmittel verderben!

Falls das Paket nicht zugestellt werden konnte oder von der Abholstation innerhalb der Frist nicht abgeholt wurde, berechnen wir 5,99€ (DHL) und 11,99€ (DPD) für den erneuten Versand bzw. ziehen diese vom Rechnungsbetrag ab bei einer Stornierung.


Unfortunately, it is sometimes not possible for us to identify sold-out products in our online range in a timely manner. If a product is sold out, we will offer you a similar replacement product or refund you the amount for the product you ordered.

If we haven't started processing yet, you can change your order at any time. Please contact us using the contact form.

If there are any problems with your order, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

We will then contact you as soon as possible to find a solution.

Of course, when packing your goodies, we make every effort to ensure that the best before date has not yet been reached. Since most of our products come from Asia, it is not the best before date that is displayed, but rather the production date. As a rule, the items have a shelf life of 9-12 months from the date of production. If you are unsure whether the best before date or production date is noted on your item, please contact us directly.